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How to Grow in Small Spaces #1

Although I have a large allotment plot, I take every opportunity that I can get to grow my own food. At home, I have tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, salads and beans all growing away. It might surprise you to know that many of these vegetables can be set up with limited space.

Tomatoes only need grow bags, or 30cm pots to grow. Beans will also happily grow in these pots and salads can be set up in any sized container, from mushroom tubs right up to big pots.

Today, in just 3 easy steps, I’m going to show you exactly how you can create your very own growing space using just a windowsill.

Before we begin, find a nice, big window ledge in your flat or house that receives at least 6 to 8 hours of light a day.

Step One – Preparing Your Space

Lay down trays or tea towels to keep the windowsill itself clean from any water spillages. Next, collect or find as many large containers as you can – these can be mushroom tubs, margarine tubs or anything similar. Pierce the base of each of these with several holes.

Take some compost that you’ve picked up from the local DIY store, garden centre or from an online retailer. Fill each of your containers with the compost – it’s best to do this part somewhere where it’s easy to clean.

Place the tubs back onto the windowsill. Lightly water each container.

Step Two – Sowing Your Seeds

Here are some vegetables which will happily grow away on a windowsill:



Rocket Basil


Pea shoots


Tear open the top of your seed packet and drop the seeds into the palm of your hand. Scatter the seeds over the top of your containers and then layer over a little bit of extra soil.

Step Three – Cropping

Start harvesting your leaves a fortnight or so after they’ve been sown. You can pick them when they’re around 4” tall, or leave them for a couple of days longer if you want them bigger. Give the plants a tiny bit of coffee to help them grow healthily as you pick them.

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