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young ground reviews: Acorn Kitchen

I know how much you love food. Call me psychic, or whatever, but I know how much you value food above all aspects of your life. I mean, in truth, who doesn’t?

I’ve gone to such extraordinary lengths to satisfy my food cravings recently. So much so, in fact, that I’ve been cutting out drinking time and replacing it with top nosh from some swanky places. This might sound a bit adult and a bit boring (two words I really dislike), but as much as a regular McDonalds or a Pizza Express is nice now and again, with a little bit of money put aside, you can afford some really delicious food.

Now, Bristol has a lot to offer in terms of food. It feels as though every shop or cafe has a legal requirement that it can’t produce anything the shop next to it produces – which is fantastic. However, sometimes it’s nice to venture to a new city and throw yourself into a new environment.

That’s why this first ‘youngground reviews’ post looks at the Acorn vegetarian restaurant in Bath.

When we arrived in Bath, it was silent. Not. A. Peep.

As we headed towards Acorn Kitchen, this silence was a welcome change from Bristol’s often bustling streets. After trying Acorn’s delicious food, it’s clear to me now that the reason it was so quiet was probably because everyone was eating out.

In the UK, the number of purely vegetarian restaurants is increasing to reflect the growing culture of non-meat diets. Where Acorn Kitchen differs from this crowd of veggie eateries is in its more stylish menu. For a veggie like myself, this restaurant had already ticked one box for accessibility.

Before we’d even sat down we had food in front of us. This appetiser was a slightly different take on the conventional bread and oil, with a pot of delicious finely-crushed nuts added. After this, we were then given a second small dish. A succulent potato confit, paired with a refreshing pea purée, and doused in a rich garlic butter.

Following on from these two additional dishes, we were presented with the main event. To start with, I had a leafy parcel of green beans, presented with a white sauce. This was another great example of Acorn’s innovation: although the elements might be common, the execution definitely was not.

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Something I hadn’t tried before in this form; a creamy grain sauce with toasted almonds, seared broccoli and potatoes made up the main course. If you need any more convincing, then this dish really proves why eating slightly more expensive food out is a great idea. Not even someone like myself, who loves to cook, would think about cooking grains in an indulgently creamy sauce and topping this with a helping of almonds. My main course summed up that wrap-up-warm, cosy feeling that we love in the depths of autumn and winter perfectly.

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We realised that it would be cheaper for us to choose the wine pairing option on the set menu than to have a whole bottle. Again, if you’re spending over £30 on a meal and you have the option to choose a variety of different things over one, it’s a good idea to go for the experience. And the two choices of wine placed with our first two courses complimented both the fresh, green bean tones, as well as the more wholesome and fuller tones of the second dish beautifully.

From the warm and inviting interior to the very attractive, inventive dishes placed in front of us; Acorn Kitchen makes a refreshing change from the norm. For you food-lovers out there who want a break from your pizza and beer routine, I rate this restaurant highly.

Vegetarian or meat-eater looking for change, head over to Acorn’s website to view the full menu and book yourself a place.


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