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Why Lemon Trees Make Great Christmas Presents

We all get them: those Christmas presents that either end up somewhere at the back of our cupboards or those gifts we pretend we still have, even though we got rid of them just days after receiving them.

You won’t get that with a lemon tree though.

You probably think that most plants are dead and gone come Christmastime. Sure, the cold dark nights kill off most outside plants, but this is actually a really good time for lots of exciting fruit trees and bushes, as well as things like chilli plants and herb packs. Winter is the perfect time to be setting these guys up for the year ahead.

Another common misconception about citrus trees like lemons, oranges, grapefruit and limes is that they are only grown in the Mediterranean. If you or the person you’re buying the present for has a conservatory, greenhouse, or just a sunny spot in the house the trees will happily grow away. Citrus trees flower continuously throughout the year; you’ll generally find a lemon or orange tree with both flowers and fruit at the same time.

But what makes a lemon tree a great present?

Well, for a start, it gives back.

Citrus trees will live for years and, as long as they’re fed well, they’ll produce several delcious fruits. What’s more, because citrus trees flower continuously, they’ll always have fruit, no matter what the season outside. Surely that’s enough in itself to make lemon trees a better present than some of the other things you might have in mind.

Out of the citrus trees available, lemon trees and kumquats are the most hardy. Both trees will be happy at 10C or above. Kumquats are similar to oranges in flavour, the beauty of them being that you can eat them whole.

The trees also make an attractive addition to any part of the house. With both flowers that have that wonderful citrus-y smell and lovely yellow, green or orange fruits, you can give someone a decoration as well as a productive plant.

Even the cost of a citrus tree isn’t much more than that games console, perfume, piece of jewellery or piece of clothing.

There are so many varieties of citrus for you to choose from; here are some good places to check out:

Victoriana Nursery

Citrus Centre


Here’s some more info on how to care for your citrus tree, too:


Photo Credit: K.H.Reichert Flickr via Compfight cc


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