How to Grow in Small Spaces: Balconies

The beauty of living in the city is that you’re very close to shops. Whilst this is often a very useful thing; you’re bringing home that bag of salad, or those tomatoes still clinging to the vine which are costing you a fortune. The truth is, much of this stuff can be grown easily, and it can be done without huge amounts of space. All you need is a little bit of time and some forward planning and you, too, could be enjoying your very own food.

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How to Grow in Small Spaces #1

Although I have a large allotment plot, I take every opportunity that I can get to grow my own food. At home, I have tomatoes, potatoes, peppers, salads and beans all growing away. It might surprise you to know that many of these vegetables can be set up with limited space.

Tomatoes only need grow bags, or 30cm pots to grow. Beans will also happily grow in these pots and salads can be set up in any sized container, from mushroom tubs right up to big pots.

Today, in just 3 easy steps, I’m going to show you exactly how you can create your very own growing space using just a windowsill.

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Why Should I Grow My Own?

Good question, I hear you ask…

I’m sure many of you see the world of gardening as a complicated and alien place. Chances are, the only time you’ve heard that word is either when your Grandparents start telling you about their marigolds, or when you’ve accidentally flicked the TV onto Gardener’s World. You may once have stumbled across a garden centre, strange as that idea might be, but you’ve swiftly avoided it before being trapped forever.

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